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Distinguished and Famous people from Franklin Harbour

The region of Franklin Harbour in South Australia, Australia, has been home to several distinguished and famous individuals throughout history. Below are some notable people associated with this area:

1. John Franklin

John Franklin was born on April 16, 1786, in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England. He was a British Royal Navy officer and Arctic explorer. Franklin served as the Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania) from 1837 to 1843. He is known for leading several expeditions to the Arctic, including the ill-fated Arctic expedition of 1845, during which he and his crew tragically perished. Franklin Harbour in South Australia is named after him.

2. Ernest Giles

Ernest Giles, born on July 20, 1835, in Bristol, England, was an Australian explorer. He became famous for his explorations in the Australian outback, including the regions of Western Australia and South Australia. Giles explored the area around Franklin Harbour in 1866 and named it after Sir John Franklin. He made significant contributions to the mapping of inland Australia.

3. Tottie Goldsmith

Tottie Goldsmith, born on September 15, 1963, in Melbourne, Victoria, is an Australian actress, singer, and television presenter. Although not specifically born in Franklin Harbour, she has family connections to the area. Tottie is known for her work in Australian television, including her long-running role in the popular soap opera "The Sullivans." She has also released music albums as a singer.

4. Ted Egan

Ted Egan, born on January 1, 1932, in Coburg, Victoria, is an Australian folk musician, singer-songwriter, author, and former politician. While not directly born in Franklin Harbour, he has had significant involvement in the South Australian region. Egan is known for his contributions to Australian folk music, his advocacy for indigenous rights, and his tenure as the Administrator of the Northern Territory from 2003 to 2007.

5. Mick Young

Mick Young, born on November 13, 1936, in Sydney, New South Wales, was an Australian politician. He represented the Australian Labor Party and served as the Member of Parliament for Port Adelaide from 1974 to 1988. Although not born in Franklin Harbour, Young's political contributions had direct impacts on South Australia, including initiatives to support the state's manufacturing and automotive industries.

6. Joy Baluch

Joy Baluch, born on October 4, 1936, in Scotland and later migrating to Australia, was an Australian politician and Mayor of Port Augusta in South Australia. As a prominent local figure, she dedicated herself to the development and betterment of Franklin Harbour and its surrounding regions. Baluch was known for her strong advocacy and tireless efforts for the local community, receiving several awards for her contributions.

7. David Menadue

David Menadue, born on January 11, 1951, in Kadina, South Australia, is an Australian writer, activist, and lawyer. Although not born specifically in Franklin Harbour, he grew up in the region and has made significant contributions to Australia's LGBTQ+ community. Menadue has been involved in HIV/AIDS advocacy and served as the founding president of the Victorian HIV Legal Working Group.

8. Peter George

Peter George, born on May 16, 1966, in Whyalla, South Australia, is a former Australian cricketer who represented Australia in international cricket. He played as a fast bowler and made his debut for Australia in 1996. George has contributed to South Australia's sporting legacy, participating in domestic cricket as well.

9. E. J. "Ted" Nankivell

E. J. "Ted" Nankivell, born on June 1, 1905, in Port Augusta, South Australia, was an Australian rules footballer. While not directly born in Franklin Harbour, Nankivell's sporting achievements and contributions have made him a notable figure in the broader South Australian region. He played for Port Adelaide Football Club in the South Australian National Football League and is remembered as one of the league's finest players.

10. Phil Quinn

Phil Quinn, born on January 23, 1972, in Whyalla, South Australia, is a former Australian rules footballer who played for the North Melbourne Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL). While not born specifically in Franklin Harbour, Quinn's sporting career and achievements have brought recognition to the region. He played as a ruckman and forward during his AFL career.

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